Notice for the start of the public consultation process of the Draft Regulation on ‘Annual fees for supervision and the right to use Radio frequencies’


Pursuant to Article 3 paragraph 1) and 2), Article 9 paragraph 3), Article 10 paragraph 12), Article 45 paragraph 1) and paragraph 2), Article 47, Article 54 paragraph 2.6), Article 57, Article 79 paragraphs 1 ) and 2), Article 82 paragraphs 1) and 3) and Article 83 paragraph 1.3) of the Law on Electronic Communications no. 04 / L-109 (hereinafter referred to as - Law or LEC), as well as Article 13 paragraph 1) and 5) of the Statute of the Regulatory Authority for Electronic and Postal Communications; According to the Decision of the Board of RAEPC no. 1951 (Decision No. 1951) (no. Prot. 038 / B / 22) notifies all interested parties that public consultation begins on:

Draft Regulation on surveillance and the right to use Radio Frequencies

The purpose of this regulation is to determine the regular annual payments for supervision of the use of radio frequencies and for the right to use radio frequencies as final national resources managed by the Regulatory Authority for Electronic and Postal Communications throughout the territory of the Republic of Kosovo.

In order to use the efficient and effective use of radio frequency spectrum, electronic communications resources in this case in the frequency spectrum must be provided and used in accordance with the procedures and conditions established by the law of electronic communications, as well as in the regulations for granting and use of electronic communications resources approved by the Authority.

According to the draft regulation established for public consultation, we have a review (reduction) of payments for some services in relation to Regulation in force no. 35.

The public consultation process begins on; 06 June 2022 and ends on 25 June 2022, at 16:00

Those interested can express their thoughts, suggestions and / or remarks in writing within the above deadline to the e-mail addresses:,  or