How Should Become pre-qualified for Participation in the Auction ?

Ø  How should become pre-qualified for participation in the auction?

Look at the Auction rules applicable to pre-qualification, details and information on what documentation must be submitted.

 Ø  Where and when to submit pre-qualification documents?

The application along with the compulsory documents must be submitted to the Office of ARKEP; Pashko Vasa Street, Nr. 12, Prishtina until 09 December, 2013.

 You must submit the following documents:

 1)      Application form for participation completed and signed by the participant.

 2)      The application can be submitted by a group/consortium of economic operators, in this case the group, along with their application, must submit a clear statement that:

 -        all members of the group are jointly and individually responsible for the content of the application of the group, and if the group turns out to be the winner of any frequency block, all obligations set out must be complete in conformity to the auction rules;

-        confirm their participation in the group and that they are not taking part individually and / or in other groups under the same auction, and

 -        all members of the group have authorized a leading partner to act on behalf of the group.

Application form can be downloaded from the official website of the Authority, in the link:

3)      Business Registration Certificate;

4)      General Authorization and/or license in offering electronic communication services;

5)      Evidence that has been active at least three (3) years in the offering of electronic communication services;

6)      Evidence on proceeds in the last three (3) years, where the income operator/entrepreneur for the three (3) years to/from offering electronic communication services has been at least; €5,000,000.00;

7)      Evidence on payment of an administrative fee for participation of €2,500.00;

8)      Bidder Authorization for representatives (provided in Appendix 2);

9)      Statement of Conformity (provided in Appendix 3);

10)  Bank Guarantee; (provided in Appendix 4);

Participant must submit original documents or notarized copies, which should enclose the latest information, updated or additional information required.

For more informatiom , your Requests shuould be submitted in written at: